“Plasticus porticus”

Recycled HDPE (#2) and PP(#5) plastics from the Botanic Garden and local households
12’ x 10’ 

“Plasticus porticus” is a 12-foot arch created by melting recycled plastic on a vaulted steel frame. The color transitions from black to purple, red, orange, and yellow as it moves upwards, representing ideas of growth and a brighter future. Passing through the structure will provide viewers a moment to contemplate the amount of plastic in the environment and where the plastic’s life cycle might end.

Trevor Chan
Colin Forsyth
Paarshav Shah
Hyeseul Song
Noah Taylor

Currently on view at Chicago Botanic Garden

Photo credits: Robin Carlson ( Images 1,7) , Noah Taylor (2-6)


Striation Vessels

Hand dyed recycled PET plastic
2021 - ongoing

Photography: Kate Bickel for Next:Space Detroit


Photos: Nathan Keay

Plasticus obitus III
Recycled HDPE #2 plastic and hand dyed PET plastic


Plasticus obitus III is the largest specimen of the obitus species. Three colorful blossoms growing towards the sun. 

Assistants: Trevor Chan and Colin Forsyth

Photos: (1 & 2)Amy Rae Mathis for Next:Space; (3, 4, 5) Nathan Keay



Chicago, IL